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Origami Rationale

Why on earth would you ever fear the paperwork or the terminology or the process of Real Estate? Original contracts, turned into less fearful paper origami is used to help you understand that we can change all that.

A Unicorn helps us understand that those contracts aren’t mystical. Or a paper Elephant might suggest that contracts aren’t really a burden. The beautiful origami Swan is a pure representation that contracts and paperwork don’t have to be ugly. But if you are truly frightened of that contract and really dissuaded by paperwork, maybe a light harmless Hummingbird will help quell your fears.

The reality is that these examples were flushed out of comments that came from our original focus groups with Agents just like yourselves. The liberties taken to create these visual metaphors are in direct response to the fears that most customers have around the transaction.

And while Honesty, Transparency and Knowledge are the 3 pillars MaxWell is built on, this origami approach touches on the underlying fears that still exist in Real Estate. This soft approach also solves a very basic Marketing need. A Brand icon. Something like a colour, or a fragrance that is quickly recognizable as your brand. Hopefully likable and ever approachable, the Real Estate contract turned into the origami icon.

Paperwork & Contracts Are Nothing to Be Afraid Of.

"Some of the most recognizable brands have also served up the most iconic images. From Tony the tiger to the Starbucks mermaid, the nike swoosh or the apple logo each presents itself quickly and comfortably in a busy media landscape."

"At MaxWell we operate from 3 basic brand pillars, Honesty, Knowledge and Transparency. It’s not only good business practice, it’s good human practice."

MaxWell Origami Campaign

Origami Unicorn
Origami Elephant
Origami Hummingbird
Origami Swan
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