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Important Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook has become a regular part of most people’s lives in this day and age.  It is a valuable tool for social networking in personal lives, and a powerful tool for businesses and advertisers.
Facebook account, it’s important to understand and adjust Facebook privacy settings.


Facebook and its advertisers are frequently bombarding you with advertisements and requests to “Like” certain business pages.  There is nothing wrong with liking business pages, however you should be aware that advertisements by that company later may show your name next those ads.  To prevent that from happening:
(best performed on a computer, not smartphone)
    a.  Visit (login if necessary)
    b.  Click on “Ads with my Social Actions” (an example advertisement will appear)
    c.   Scroll down to find “Include my social actions with ads for:
    d.  Change the setting to “No One


Facebook has dozens of settings related to your privacy and/or the appearance of content in relation to your Facebook account.  It is strongly suggested that you do an in-depth review of your privacy settings which can be found here:
And here:

Examples of specific settings to consider are shown below…

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